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Understanding Bible Chronology

The calendars and chronologies of the Bible

Piecing It All Together

Using the Keys of the Chronology of Redemption to assemble the events of the Bible

Understanding Bible Prophecy

The foundations of Bible prophecy


  • Interpret Prophecy Literally
    1. The Importance of Prophecy
    2. Plain Meaning
    3. Using Literal Interpretation
    4. Why Interpret Prophecy Literally?
  • Dispensations
    1. Dispensationalism
    2. The Ages of Time
    3. The Dispensations
    4. Characteristics of Dispensationalism
    5. Misuses of Dispensationalism
  • The Millennial Issue
    1. The Kingdom
    2. Biblical View of the Kingdom
    3. Views on the Millennium
  • Israel and the Church
    1. Israel and the Church are Distinct
    2. Replacement Theology
    3. The Church
    4. Israel
    5. Israel, Gentiles and the Church
  • The Sufferings and the Glory
    1. Two Streams of Messianic Prophecy
    2. The Kingdom Offered
    3. The Kingdom Rejected and Postponed
  • The Mystery of the Church
    1. The Church is a Mystery
    2. The Presentation of Messiah to Israel
    3. Introductory Parables
    4. The Parables by the Seaside
    5. The Parables back in the House
    6. Paul's Teaching on the Mystery
    7. Prophetic Gaps