About Us


Martin Thompson first encountered the work of Sir Edward Denny and A E Ware on Bible Chronology back in 1981, and realised its immense importance for understanding the Bible and the times we live in.

Martin began to explore a digital approach to explaining how the calendars and chronologies of the Bible work. This led him to write a Bible Chronology programme to model the chronologies of the Bible and to build up a database of Bible events. Additional functionality was then added so that others could use the programme for their own studies. However, use of the Bible Chronology programme made it clear that there were many unresolved Bible Chronology issues.

Soon after the turn of the century, Derek Walker, Pastor of Oxford Bible Church, started working with Martin to bring his Bible knowledge and expertise to resolve these issues.


This work is now being made available live on the internet. Subscribers can get the benefit of additions to The Library, Videos and Events as they become available.

The site runs on an expandable hosting platform, which means it is not restricted by bandwidth, storage or server loads. As usage grows, the website is ready to grow with it. The site is built on the Ruby on Rails framework.

The Team

Sam Oliver and Joff Williams are responsible for much of the original development work on the site. We owe a big thanks to them because they're the guys with the expertise that has enabled us to make the site work the way it does.

Derek Walker is Pastor of Oxford Bible Church. Derek has played a major part in working out how the calendars and chronologies of the Bible work. He has also made a major contribution to the content of the site, and it's his face you see in many of the videos. He gained a 1st Class Honours degree in Mathematics at St Catherine's College, Oxford.

Chris Page also has a 1st Class Honours degree in Mathematics from London. He is the reason the programmes that work out the Calendars actually work.

Liz Thompson is Martin's long-suffering wife. Liz has a language degree, and if the contents of the site make any sense, it's down to Liz. It's her voice you hear in the background of many of the videos.

Martin Thompson has a degree in Management Sciences and a background in management and computing.