Questions and Answers

What's this all about in a nutshell?

We think God had a plan from the beginning and the Bible tells us what it is. What's more, it shows us the timetable. Bible Chronology follows the unfolding of that plan as Bible events take place.

Can you give me an example?

In Jewish tradition, the passover lamb is set aside for 4 days before it's killed...

“With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.” 2Peter 3:8

There are exactly 4,000 reckoned years in the Chronology of Redemption between the fall of man and the death of Jesus. At the fall of man, God had a plan in place for the Lamb of God, Jesus, to redeem mankind after 4,000 years that are represented by the 4 days the passover lamb is set aside!

I'm sorry you lost me - what are "reckoned years" and the "Chronology of Redemption"?

Chronologies are selective records of time that God counts, or reckons, arranged in the order in which they occurred. The Chronology of Redemption is a list of events which make up the story of the redemption of mankind - his salvation story if you like.

For example the Israelites spent 70 years in captivity in Babylon. This wasn't part of God's plan, so we treat it as an unreckoned period and it's not included in the 4,000 reckoned years in the Chronology of Redemption between the fall of man and the death of Jesus.

We said that a chronology is a selective record of time that God counts. But, there are also periods that God doesn't count! You need to combine the two sets of records - reckoned and unreckoned - to get the continuous record of time we're used to.

And just to make things more complicated, in some reckoned periods God actually adds an extra JUBILEE year every 49 years...

First you say God doesn't count some periods, and now He adds on others! I thought the Jubilee was an anniversary every 50 years?

In the Bible God measures time in sevens. Seven lots of seven years are extra special - they're the 49 years of the Jubilee. The Jubilee year starts on the annual Jewish Day of Atonement - the 10th day of the 7th month - in the last year of a cycle of 49 years. It lasts for one year till the next Day of Atonement in the first year of the next cycle of 49 years. It's an overlapping year.

So what's the point of this extra year?

The amazing thing is that God counts it as an extra year in His Chronology of Redemption. This is how redemption works. God doesn't count the times we're outside His plan, but He adds something extra to the times we are in His plan - He returns our inheritance as members of His family that was lost at the fall!

Is this extra year still being added today?

No. Christ accomplished our redemption at the cross, so God no longer has to add it in the calendar as a token of what Jesus would do at the cross - it's there, freely available to us now if we accept His gift of salvation through Christ. So, since the death of Jesus we no longer add an extra year to the reckoned years in the Chronology of Redemption.

So does Bible Chronology predict the future?

The main purpose of the Bible Chronology site is to recover the Biblical record that gives details of God's plan for the Ages. This shows that it's been fulfilled perfectly to this point and so it follows that it will be fulfilled exactly in the future.

This means that Christ will soon return to establish His 1,000-year reign on earth and so re-establish God's rule - that's what it's all about!

We have added projections of future events based on our understanding of Bible chronology and prophecy, but we must take care because these are projections not predictions. There may be future unreckoned periods that we do not know about which would affect projections, so we must treat future events with caution.

Back to the 4,000 years, where do they come in?

God laid out His Plan in creation week. On the first day light and darkness appeared, and on the fourth day the sun, moon and stars gave light to the earth.

In the Bible the sun, moon and stars are a picture of Israel. The sun was Jacob, the moon was Rachel, and the stars were the the 12 tribes of Israel. At the end of 4,000 years in the Chronology of Redemption, Jesus was born in Israel and gave light to the world! Again we see that 4 days represent 4,000 years in God's Plan.

But there are 7 days in creation week...

Yes, and the 7th was the day of rest that depicts the coming 1,000-year reign of Christ on earth.

What about days 5 and 6 - it's nearly 2,000 years since the death of Christ?

Although the main purpose of Bible Chronology is to recover the Biblical record, we can't hide obvious projections about the time of future events. But that's all they are - projections, and there may be things we don't understand yet.

What's planned for the future?

Events are the heart of the site, and they show you the dates of around three hundred Bible Events and tell you where they occurred in the Chronologies of the Bible. There are notes for each event.

The Books explain the Calendars and Chronologies of the Bible and we show how all the dateable events of the Bible are pieced together in the light of this knowledge. We've added around 100 videos to help explain things.

We have more material in the pipeline, and we hope to get this onto the site in the future.