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You may now subscribe!

At long last, we are pleased to say that you can now subscribe to the site!

You can now see all the calendars and chronologies of the Bible. In the Library, we've explained the principles of Bible Chronology and we have then pieced it together all the way through to the Cross.

We've produced a series of videos explaining God's 7-day Plan of the Ages, and then separate series for each of the periods from Adam to Abraham's birth, Abraham's birth to the Exodus, the Exodus to the Temple and from the Temple to Artaxerxes' Decree.

The Four Keys of God's Plan of the Ages

Attempts to make actual time in the Bible fit into the 7000 years represented by the seven days of Creation Week are impossible without understanding the keys used to record the Chronology of Redemption, which is the main chronology in God's Plan of the Ages. These keys are:

Key 1: One Day = 1000 Years;
Key 2: Creation Week is the Blueprint;
Key 3: The Jubilee Year;
Key 4: Unreckoned Time.

We've made available for public access the first four articles and videos explaining all the keys to understanding God's Plan of the Ages.

Various articles, videos and events have been made available across the whole site.


We've added more chronologies for the Times of the Gentiles and Daniel's Seventy Weeks. This is amazing - at last we're able to show when Daniel's key prophecies are fulfilled.

We've found out much more about the Solar 360-Day Calendar. This calendar has seven intercalated months every 40 years to keep it in line with a 365.25 Solar Julian Calendar, and is used by the two chronologies for the Times of the Gentiles.

The Library

There's so much we can write about. The beauty of a website is that we can keep adding to it and everyone gets access to the new material straight away. We've got a lot more material for the library already in draft form, including a new book, so hopefully we'll get a lot of it edited and up soon.


There's now about 300 events added to the site giving you amazing information about their dating in the calendars we use today and the calendars used in the Bible. You can also see where these dates occur in the chronologies of the Bible, showing you how God's Plan of the Ages fits together.

Subscribers' Home Page

This is the page subscribers see when they first login. We've done away with a complicated dashboard, but we've added a section with links to interesting "Features".

The five "tabs" across the top provide access to most of the site. We hope that the site's fairly intuitive to use, and that the key areas are easy to get to from anywhere.