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God's 7-Day Plan of the Ages

The Keys to Understanding God's Plan of the Ages
9 videos

Adam to Abraham

Piecing together Adam to Abraham's Birth
9 videos

Abraham to the Exodus

Piecing together Abraham's Birth to the Exodus
10 videos

The Exodus to the Temple

Piecing together The Exodus to the Temple
14 videos

The Temple to Artaxerxes's Decree

Piecing together The Temple to Artaxerxes's Decree
37 videos


  1. Key 1: 1 Day = 1000 Years
  2. Key 2: Creation Week is the Blueprint
  3. Historical Writings
  4. Pictures of God's 7-Day Plan
  5. Key 3: The Jubilee Principle
  6. The Timetable of Messiah
  7. Israel's Great Jubilee Cycles
  8. An Apparent Contradiction
  9. Key 4: Unreckoned Time
  10. Piecing it all Together