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Understanding Bible Chronology

The calendars and chronologies of the Bible

Piecing It All Together

Using the Keys of the Chronology of Redemption to assemble the events of the Bible

Understanding Bible Prophecy

The foundations of Bible prophecy


  • Adam to Abraham's Birth
    1. Using the Four Keys
    2. A Complete Chronological Chain
    3. The Gospel in the Genealogy of Christ
    4. Before the Fall
    5. An Unreckoned Period from Abel to Seth
    6. The Unreckoned Days of the Flood
    7. Noah and Sons
    8. Babel
    9. Abraham's Birth
    10. Summary of Adam to Abraham's Birth
  • Abraham's Birth to the Exodus
    1. God Calls Abraham
    2. 430-year Sojourn of Abraham & his Seed
    3. Ishmael's Conception to Isaac's Birth
    4. The Day Abraham entered Canaan
    5. 400-year Sojourn of Abraham's Seed
    6. The Life of Abraham
    7. The Life of Isaac
    8. The Life of Jacob
    9. The Life of Joseph
    10. The Life of Moses
    11. Summary of Abraham to the Exodus
  • The Exodus to the Temple
    1. The Exodus to the Entry into the Land
    2. Entry into the Land to the First Servitude
    3. The First Servitude
    4. The Second Servitude
    5. The Third Servitude
    6. The Fourth Servitude
    7. The Fifth Servitude
    8. The Sixth Servitude
    9. The Seventh Servitude
    10. The Chronology of the Judges
    11. Saul's Reign
    12. David's Reign
    13. Solomon's Reign to the Temple
    14. Filling in the Chronological Gaps
    15. Summary of the Exodus to the Temple
  • The Temple to Artaxerxes' Decree
    1. The Kingdom Divides
    2. Judah First
    3. Measuring Kings’ Reigns
    4. Solomon from the 15th Year of his Reign
    5. Rehoboam of Judah and Jeroboam 1 of Israel
    6. Abijah of Judah
    7. Asa of Judah and Nadab to Ahab of Israel
    8. Jehoshaphat of Judah and Ahaziah & Joram (Jehoram) of Israel
    9. Jehoram of Judah
    10. Ahaziah of Judah and Jehu of Israel
    11. Athaliah of Judah
    12. Joash (Jehoash) of Judah and Jehoahaz & Jehoash of Israel
    13. Amaziah of Judah and Jeroboam of Israel
    14. Interregnum in Judah
    15. Uzziah (Azariah) of Judah and Zechariah to Pekah of Israel
    16. Jotham of Judah
    17. Ahaz of Judah
    18. Hezekiah of Judah
    19. Manasseh and Amon of Judah
    20. Josiah of Judah
    21. Jeremiah Prophesies Servitude and Desolation
    22. Ezekiel Prophesies Judgement and Desolation
    23. Jehoahaz of Judah
    24. Jehoiakim of Judah
    25. Interregnum and Jehoiachin of Judah
    26. Zedekiah of Judah
    27. The Siege and Fall of Jerusalem
    28. The 70-year Servitude and Captivity of Judah to Babylon
    29. The 70-year Desolation of the Land and Jerusalem
    30. Other Dated Events
    31. Summary of the four 70-year periods of judgement affecting Judah and the nations around
    32. Summary of the Temple to Artaxerxes Decree
    33. Chart of the Temple to Artaxerxes Decree
  • Artaxerxes' Decree to the Cross
    1. Seventy sevens of years
    2. Dating the Start of the Seventy Weeks
    3. The Ministry of John the Baptist
    4. The Ministry of Jesus
    5. Daniel's Seventieth Week
    6. The Church Age