A list of Bible events in Chronological order.

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Gregorian Date


First day of creation week key event
Second day of creation week
Third day of creation week
Fourth day of creation week
Fifth day of creation week
Sixth day of creation week
Seventh and last day of creation week
Adam's 40 days to the fall key event
Adam's life
First day after the fall of man
Start of Lunisolar Spring Calendar
18/10/4055 BC Abel's life View
Unreckoned period from the death of Abel to the birth of Seth
14/10/3976 BC Seth's life View
Enos' life
Cainan's life
Start of Lunisolar Modern Hebrew Calendar
The first day of creation in some Jewish traditions
Mahalaleel's life
Jared's life
Enoch's life
Methusaleh's life
Lamech's life
31/3/3078 BC Noah's life View
120 year Flood warning
Noah 500 years old
Shem's life
Flood Year
Final week of grace starts
Unreckoned period of the deluge
Rain stops
First day after the Flood period
Mountain tops now visible
Window opened and raven and dove sent out
Dove sent out second time
Dove sent out third time
Ark has its covering removed
Noah leaves the Ark
Arphaxad's life
First day of observed lunisolar calendar after the Flood
Salah's life
Eber's life
Peleg's life
Tower of Babel
Reu's life
Serug's life
Nahor's life
Terah's life
Nahor (2) born
Abram's life key event
Sarah's life
Abram enters Canaan
The 430-year sojourn between Abram entering Canaan and the Exodus
Ishmael conceived
Unreckoned period from Ishmael's conception to Isaac's birth
Ishmael born
Isaac's life
Isaac weaned
400-year Sojourn of Abraham's Seed
Jacob's Life
Joseph's life
Jacob and his sons enter Egypt
Moses' life
Moses exiled
Start of Israel's lunisolar calendar
Passover lambs slain and firstfruits offered before the Exodus
490 years in the Chronology of Redemption from the Exodus
The Exodus key event
Israel spends 40 years in the wlderness
480 reckoned years in the Chronology of Redemption to the Temple
Red Sea Crossing at the end of the 7 days of Unleavened Bread
Israel receives the Law at Mount Sinai
Spies are sent into the land for 40 days but Israel refuses to enter
Israel enters Canaan
First Passover in the land
Israelites start eating the produce of the land
Manna stops now they can eat from the land
Fall of Jericho at the end of the 7 days march
Joshua's Long Day
450 years of the judges
Land is divided this year
Servitude for 8 years under Cushan-Rishathaim, King of Mesopotamia
Othniel judges for 40 years
Servitude for 18 years under Eglon, King of Moab
Ehud & Shamgar judge for 80 years
Servitude for 20 years under Jabin, King of Canaan
Deborah & Barak judge for 40 years
Servitude for 7 years under the Midianites
Gideon judges for 40 years
Abimelech judges for 3 years
Tola judges for 23 years
Jair judges for 22 years
Servitude for 18 years under the Philistines & Ammonites
Jephthah judges for 6 years
Ibzan judges for 7 years
Elon judges for 10 years
Abdon judges for 8 years
Servitude for 40 years under the Philistines
Eli judges for 40 years
Servitude for 20 years under Philistines at start of Samuel's time
Samuel the prophet - the last 9 years
Saul's 40 year reign over Israel
Saul rejected after 1 year
David's reign of 7½ years from Hebron
David's reign from Jerusalem of 33 years
Solomon's reign of 40 years
The first 3½ years of Solomon's reign
480th reckoned year from the Exodus in the Chronology of Redemption
Temple started in the 480th year from the Exodus
Remaining 5½ years of building the Temple
The end of 480 reckoned years from the Exodus key event
5 years furnishing the Temple
Start of Solomon's 15th year
490 years in the Chronology of Redemption to the cross key event
Start of Solomon's 16th Year
Dedication of the Temple
Reheboam's 1st regnal year
Abijah's 1st regnal year
Asa's 1st regnal year
Jehoshaphat's co-regency with Asa
Jehoshaphat - 1st regnal year of his sole reign
Jehoram's co-regency with Jehoshaphat
Jehoram's 1st regnal year of his sole reign
Ahaziah's 1st regnal year
Athaliah's 1st year
Joash's 1st Regnal Year
Amaziah's 1st Regnal Year (Judah now moves back to accession years)
Uzziah's 1st Regnal Year
Jotham's 1st Regnal Year as Judge
Jotham's 1st Regnal Year as King
Ahaz's Co-Regency with Jotham
Ahaz's 1st Regnal Year of his sole Reign
Hezekiah's 1st Regnal Year
Israel taken into Captivity
Start of 9th Year of Hoshea over Israel
Start of 6th Year of Hezekiah
Start of HEZEKIAH's 14th year in which the sun goes back 10 hours.
Manasseh's 1st Regnal Year
Amon's 1st Regnal Year
Josiah's 1st Regnal Year
Start of Josiah's 13th Year
Babylonian captivity lasts for 70 years
Jerusalem handed over to Judgement
Start of Daniel's 70 Weeks - decree of Artaxerxes Longimanus to Ezra key event
Nisan 1 445 BC
Andersons 69 weeks
Hoehners 69 Weeks
Julian Calendar introduced
The Incarnation
Start of the True Solar Calendar of Jesus
Jesus born key event
Jesus circumcised
Jesus Presented in the Temple
Visit of the Magi
Jesus leaves Egypt at Passover
Jesus keeps Passover and Unleavened Bread at age 12
Jesus found in the Temple after 3 days
John the Baptist Begins his Testimony at the Start of the 70th Week
Daniel's 70th Week (initial run)
3.5 Solar Years of John the Baptist (sole ministry)
End of 3.5 Solar years of John's Ministry
3.5 day Interval in the Middle of the 70th Week
Jesus baptised on His 30th Birthday - the Start of His Ministry.
The 7 days of Consecration
The 3.5 luni-solar years of the Ministry of Jesus
The first 3 years of Christ's Ministry
40 days in the Wilderness
John Interviewed
Jesus appears back from the Wilderness
Andrew and Peter start to follow Jesus
Jesus calls Philip and Nathanael
The Wedding at Cana
Jesus goes to Capernaum
Jesus in Jerusalem (Passover AD 30)
The final year of Grace to Israel
Jesus' 33rd Birthday on His Solar Calendar
1st day of the Jewish year of Christ's Death
Lamb of God set aside
The Lord's Passover Meal (Last Supper)
Death of Jesus key event
Unreckoned period of one day after the death of Jesus
Resurrection and initial Ascension of Jesus key event
Ascension of Jesus key event
Period of 8 days after the Ascension leading up to Pentecost
The Day of Pentecost
Israel Cut Off key event
2nd Reckoned Period in the Chronology of FAVOUR
Jesus' 34th Birthday
Gentile Pentecost
Traditional date the Second Temple was destroyed
First day in the new Gregorian Calendar throughout the Catholic world
Year start moved to 1 January in Catholic countries
Britain adopted the Gregorian Calendar
World War 1 starts
Balfour Declaration
Bolshevik October Revolution in Russia
Jerusalem captured by Allenby
End of World War 1
British Mandate comes into effect
Gentiles cut off key event
Day after the Gentile nations have been cut off from God's favour
United Nations vote on the partition of Palestine
End of the Times of Gentiles - Israel
Rebirth of Israel
End of Times of Gentiles - Jerusalem

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